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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the Silver Couch: Anna Franceschini


Artist Anna Franceschini 
Tell us your story of your life in 140 ch
Born in the seventies, lost my father when I was 16, studied engineering, left the faculty, started meditation, the result is in front of you.
Do you see interesting things in our era now?
Plurality! Sometimes I would like to be a recording device myself – ears and eyes enhanced -or be affected by a Savant syndrome of some sort, to be able to treasure every single detail of the era I'm passing through. Plus, my personal experience is often combined with a filmic memory: everything in my mind is so mixed and overlapped that I confuse the so-called phenomenological reality with sequences from movies and video clips and this increases my excitement and joy. And internet too.. I think it's pretty rare to experience a picture - in - picture world, shifting in and out from different perceptual existences. Of course, in this kind of holographic cosmos contradictions and distortions are multiplied too, as if we were in a house of mirrors. I try to be careful but not to back out of it.
What would you like to do in 1 year from now?
Spend more time in the Mediterraneo and have a garden.


mo said...

=) !!! house of mirrors

Anne said...

so good !