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Saturday, June 27, 2015

⧯ On the Silver Couch: Forrest Nash

Critic and Founder of Contemporary Art Daily: Forrest Nash

☮:  Tell us your story of your life in 140ch:

I grew up near the mountains, I've lived my adulthood in flat prairie, and now I'm moving to the coast. 

☮:  What's the most interesting thing about our era now ?

 : I think it is interesting how little people of the current era notice the changes happening around Them, and how rarely most people seem to marvel at the even more drastic changes will happen Within our lifetimes that I always feel a sense of overwhelming wonder about the ways that our time is different than the past, but people just sort of shrug. I think understanding that indifference Could be very valuable. 

☮: What's your favorite quote?

 : "And That Is the main condition of absurdity-the dragooning of an unconvinced transcendent consciousness into the service of an immanent, limited enterprise like a human life" - Thomas Nagel

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