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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

⧯ On the Silver Couch: Puppies Puppies

Artist Puppies Puppies

☮:  Tell us your story of your life in 140ch:

⧯ :  oops I went way over 140 ch
Mom Japanese Irish Father Puerto Rican
they met in Texas
birthed me
hated living in Texas
gay kid’s worst nightmare
discovered art at the age of 17
made angst-filled emo sculptures about the body and my organs 
felt very shy in every way
I am an insanely fragile person
made friends on the internet….felt like the only place I could be myself
then moved to Chicago 
went to school 
smoked weed to relax
realized who I was / am 
realized art could literally be anything 
diagnosed with a brain tumor
very dark times
had tumor removed 
kept making art
realized life is too short to care what people think
carried on and tried to break boundaries 
as many as I could 
Puppies Puppies was born
met Forrest felt life was worth living more than ever
counting down the days until I live in
Los Angeles the land of 
beautiful weather, Hollywood, and gays 

☮:What's the dividing line being an artist and an Instagram user?

⧯ there is no line there should never be a line! As long as you call it art there can be no distinction otherwise 

☮:What would you like to do in 30 years from now?

⧯ hopefully be alive and I want to take over the world