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Friday, February 25, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Maria Christina Polymenakou

silver couch
Maria Christina Polymenakou

-I read your tweets and I see an obsession with what's happening in the M. east. Do you feel that you are a part of this revolution?
Totally! Respecting myself and what i believe, i have to do my small part. and it paid. Responce was unreal. it feels so good inside + jealous #zerotolerance

-How do you feel as a woman and a stylist seeing women wearing a burka?
Loves! burka is a cultural not religious phenomenon. it's all up to the women to claim their rights now that change is happening "#girlpower

-In 140 characters which is your dream society:
key words: freedom, love, respect, collective thinking, ecofriendly, multicultural, creative #dreamsociety

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Angelo Plessas presents at Triennale Bovisa, Milan

Angelo Plessas, Άγγελος Πλέσσας
Angelo Plessas, Άγγελος Πλέσσας
Angelo Plessas, Άγγελος Πλέσσας
Angelo Plessas, Άγγελος Πλέσσας
Angelo Plessas, Άγγελος Πλέσσας

On the Silver Couch : Semeli Economou (Re-post)


Semeli Economou

- You are an actress and a director. Do you like to dominate or being dominated on camera?
I'm a transformer. I love to transform myself and I love to transform others. So by being both an actress and a director is like having my head and tail on one coin! Its up to you which way you want to flip it...

- I see you a lot in India..tell us what are you doing there?
India is a magical place and I try to go there once a year to do Panchakarma, which is a traditional form of healing/detox. It aligns and balances the chakras. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives no?

- Your motto?
The sooner we find out what our purpose in life is, the more time we have to execute it!

Her website here

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On the Silver Couch : María Virginia Jaua Alemán


María Virginia Jaua Alemán

-Tell us your story of your life in 140 characters:
A life story is something very simple: She was born, grew up, studied, had fun, travelled, and fell down many times, and sometimes have succes. And we have the part nobody wants to know: little by little she faded and later she died. But we have a part everybody wants read: she loved and was loved… and if we have a lot of sex, better!

- Do you imagine yourself blogging in 20 years from now?
Sure! I can imagine myself making an even better blog than the one I’m doing now: I can imagine everything… but, to be honest, it’s probable that by then will bored with blogging and will be doing something else. 

- Is the Internet uncensored in Venezuela?
I have not lived in Venezuela for many years, although I’m still in touch and I visit frequently. The Internet is not censored, but there is the permanent threat to do so. It’s more like psychological warfare. People live in a state of fear that it can happen from one moment to the other. In my opinion, the only thing that keeps afloat a government like Venezuela’s, is to keep people living in a state of terror and constant threats of censorships promote that state.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Maria Ines Rodriguez


Maria Ines Rodriguez

What do you do:

I’m a Chief Curator at MUSAC in Spain. I work on exhibitions and research projects about the strategies of appropriation of the public space in various places of contemporary art, which relate to the art, the design, the architecture and the urbanism.

First artwork that influenced your way of thinking:

More than an artwork, the encounter with artists made me realize that art is a space for thinking, an active political and aesthetic field. A place for the emancipation of thought.

Facebook is the biggest ethnographic tool now and you are an enthusiastic user are we all becoming hyper-social robots?
FB allows us to quickly and directly reach people, and also to share a lot of information, to learn lots of things. Of course, it will never replace the pleasure of meeting friends and having a drink, talking, visiting exhibitions or eating together and being on the Silver-Couch!

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