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Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Yorgos Kelefis


Ozon Magazine Publisher: Yorgos Kelefis

Instead of talking about culture, tell me if you're in favor of booing publicly politicians;
I am against violence. I prefer our money back.

Have you ever thought to emigrate somewhere especially now with the financial crisis in Greece, if so where;
It goes without saying that I have thought of it, not only because of financial and moral crisis but also because of a sense of depression. Sao Paulo, or Antwerp, what do you say?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Diane Pernet



Diane Pernet

-What beauty means to you?

Something that makes me dream.

-When was the last time you shocked someone, or provoked in a way?
During the collections I was wearing my spider pins and Hilary Alexander from the Telegraph could not look at me because she was terrified of spiders.

-Who is your hero and why?
John Cassavetes, because he was an independent film hero.  He's strong, passionate, crazy and supremely talented.

Read in greek via Lifo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upload a Monument: sculpting on Google Maps, at NABA Academy

2face 70s_2
Upload a Monument: sculpting on Google Maps Street View, at NABA starts today until Friday
Special thanks: Francesco Monico and Gloria Maria Gallery

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snapshots from Milan.

Robot Poetry Reading part of the "100 di 50" perfomances
at Naba School of Fine Arts and Design
curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio and Marco Scotini

special thanks to performer Ilaria Abiami


The Monument to an Online Persona  with Rafael's
at Gloria Maria Gallery Booth at Miart
Books of Robot Poetry Reading with Domain Names
Andreas' piece at Metascreen show at Gloria Maria Gallery
The Metascreen invitation

Priscilla Tea's painting at Metascreen show
Some nice objects at Miart

Pae White's amazing golden pop corns at Kaufmann Repetti gallery

Pae White
A cool Milanese 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Angelic coalition: Angelos Papadimitriou


Artist Angelos Papadimitriou and at "Greek Contemporary Woman" curated by Marina Fokidis

Friday, April 01, 2011

La Tempestad from Mexico for Every Website is a Monument

Suddendly, a set of iconic monuments sprouted up all over Milan, occupying all kinds of public spaces, from central squares and parks to anonymous roundabouts. If no heated public controversy ensued is because Greek artist Angelo Plessas built his urban parade of sculptures only in cyberspace - his habitual platform for artmaking. "But nowadays, is there any space which is more public, open, crowded and controversial than the Net?" he asks. Plessas went on a digital flânerie on Google Street Views, starting from the Duomo and ending in the suburbs, and decided to place his "offline monuments" in all the terrain vagues he came across and liked. 

The works have ironic, self-reflecting titles (MeLookingAtYou.Com, ZigZagPhilosophy.Com, DoubleFaced.Com) which correspond to real interactive websites created by Plessas over the last decade (, but also seem to target the cliché of artists's expanded ego and colossal narcissism. At Gloria Maria Gallery, Plessas presented a series of twelve framed "Milanese postcards", together with a videoprojection of his latest Flash Player animation, and a large wooden version of another digital monument, titled The Monument to an Online Persona. Seen all together, the "snapshots" revealed the anthropomorphic profile of a face in each structure, maybe to recall that icons and emoticons have become our ordinary means for communicating emotions and sharing memories, in alternative to words. Or maybe to rhetorical monuments. 

Barbara Casavecchia

International Portrait Gallery #79: Monster


On the Silver Couch : Apollonia B


Apollonia B

 I see the Mexican Virgin Mary .. When was the last time you went to a church?
I am polytheist. I was inspired by the Mexican Virgin of Guadeloupe because of the positive aura.  It gave me strong feelings to intervene artistically. We all need a Virgin Mary today.

If there was an afterlife, what sex would you like to have?
Angels have no gender. I do not care about genders , it is no longer relevant. Maybe I would rather be neutral .. sounds more futuristic.

read in greek via Lifo