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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Angelo by Armin Linke

Armin Linke is an artist/photographer of italian-german descent and lives in Milan. As a photographer and filmmaker he documents scenes where the boundary between fiction and reality almost becomes invisible. Some of his photos are shot in the most unexpected places in the world. While I was in Milan this year, Mai and I, were invited to become his subjects. I attach some of the photos he took of me. Check his website here

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anathena Fanzine

I have just finished a print on demand book for the Anathena exhibition taking place at Deste Foundation, opening on the 19th of Oct. This book contains a 2 page profile of all the artists, curators, architect and writers that were involved with the show. It is available from a website called Cafepress that prints whenever there is demand. You order it from here

Monday, September 25, 2006

what remains is future

Andreas Angelidakis Tetris Mountain

The Callas installation perfomance (the day after the perfomance)

Kostis Velonis

b., Stelios Faitakis, Andreas Kasapis and Aleksandros Vasmoulakis in a joint mural

Maria Papadimitriou and Vassilis Liakopoulos

What Remains is Future is an exhibition taking place in Patras as part of the Cultural European Capital. My piece is the tittle of the exhibition I attach some of my photos of few artowrks.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Treme-treme (meaning shake), is the most flexible bookcase you can find. It shelves can be inclined and folded for every comfort and any possible combination. It's creators are Triptyque, a group of architects based in Sao Paolo. Check source here

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A more colourful fashion future

The Alexandre Herchovitch show. Not the his greatest collection but for sure a more colourful future for the fashion of Nyc/ source

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is there architecture(uncolorful) future in Greece?

The Benaki museum

The 3rd prize.

The 1st prize of the competition...
Katza teleported in Metaksourgeio

I wanted to write about this since a lot of time ago but the article I read yesterday at Vimagazino reminded me to do it right away. The architectural competition for a proposal of a block of residencies in the recently "trendy" area of Athens called Metaksourgeio. The majority of the proposals for this really interesting spot was deja-vu. Most of the projects lack of orginality and a different perception of the existing condition. It is very clear (I followed all the progress of this competition) that the majority of the architects had in mind how to please the constructing company and make the building as much commercial as it gets...without having ANY experimental approach, ANY new idea to propose in a city that the only buliding can be presented as a sample of greek contemporary architecture is the Benaki Museum(imagine!!!). I just mention the first prize and the one that will be built. The building of Katerina Tsigarida is a building to remind us of the obnoxious and ugly colourful office buildings that the greek constructing companies are doing the last 5 years in new areas such as Kantza and or on the highway to Lamia. Fortunately and strangely the 3rd prize will be built (I. Papadopoulos- G Daskalaki- Tasos Biris). The 3rd proposal is not the "experimental" approach but is well-done and serves fully it's commercial purposes (aligned with the hidden but dominating concept of the competition). It is a copy and a follower of the trendy modernist comeback with more pleasant colors than the 1st prize and some ideas that are ok and fully executable. It should have been better as a school project. To be continued....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A New Yorker article

Reading about the Middle East on New Yorker magazine is always educational and the least superficial you can get. This time the NewYorker had an extensive article by Lawrence Wright on what are the plans of Al Qaeda for the next 15 years. A scary extract:"By 2020, “definitive victory” will have been achieved....The Islamic state will lead the human race once again to the shore of safety and the oasis of happiness.” Read whole article on the New Yorker website

Thursday, September 14, 2006

More on Outfits

Bas Kosters
Wanna Be A Star

Wanna Be a Star is a DJ from Holland. I met her through MySpace because she is wearing a fantastic outfit. Her outfit is done by her friend Bas Kosters

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mr T in a crazy outfit

An outfit like this in People magazine cannot pass unnoticed. Mamma mia!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Art during the architecture Biennial

Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Palazzo Grassi

Magritte at the Peggy Guggenheim

Piotr Uklanski at Palazzo Grassi

During the architecture Biennial in Venice I saw 2 art shows. One was the "Where Are We Going?": Selections from the François Pinault Collection at the newly rennovated but uptight Palazzo Grassi. The show was good as expected with no surprises. Another show was the Lucio Fontana at the Peggy Guggenheim. I did not like these Fontana pieces which were made and inspired after one of his visits in New York. I moved to the permanent collection building to enjoy the Max Ernst, Magritte and Yves Tanguy paintings once again.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Venice:What I liked

The Long Blondes perfoming at the British pavillion

Rem Koolhaas and Jacques Herzog at the debate of the Piccolo Teatro

A view from the French pavillion

The project of the Air-carrier city of the Austrian Pavillion

The 10th edition of the Architecture Biennial has just opened at the Giardini and the Arsenale. This year's theme is about Cities, Architecture and Society. It is curated by Richard Burdett. I almost visited every pavillion and the Arsenale. One of the main aspects of this biennial is a sparse ideas of proposals and a vast presentation of information (overpopulated cities, migration etc). Ideas that I have seen 3 years ago when Rem Koolhaas was the guest editor of Wired. Of course there are some highlights. The French pavillion was one of them. The project was called Metavilla in which a team of people did a sort of a squat in the pavillion building a temporary block of rooms. The Austrian pavillion which one of it's projects was the Aircraft Carrier City by Hans Hollein made in 1964. An aircrfat dugged in a rural area creating a new city. More about the architecture Biennial on Andreas' blog.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

a crazy message on a wall.

I was just browsing some photos in my archive and I remember seeing this crazy message on a street on Santorini. It says "God save the King" "God save America". How weird and hilarious is this emblem next to it?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Digiki sounds good!

Digiki makes sounds. He is from Paris but lives in Tokyo. His first album is 'Kitchen', released in Japan on Hattrick records in 2004. One of his latest project is a remix with Neenstar Mai Ueda called PolyPunk Mai. Listen one of his songs on MySpace

5 years in heaven

Source here