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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Angelo Foundation School of Music at EMST

The new project of the Angelo Foundation is  the creation of a hybrid space  
at EMST's media lounge, taking the form of a music school.
It is curated by  Stamatis Schizakis.



Central element of The Angelo Foundation School of Music will be three interactive websites



and a program of musical workshops during the summer, offering a 
range of possibilities of creative cooperation between different individuals.
More soon

Special thanks to people:
Paolo di Landro for the vestment uniform
 Victoria Deliyianni for the installation help 
Qin Chuan, for additional coding
Mai Ueda, for reading Robot poetry
Semeli Economou, for reading Robot poetry
Kimberley Norcott, for reading Robot poetry
Rebecca Camhi gallery, for various help
Gloria Maria gallery, for various help
Chrysanthos Panas, for various help
Sylvia Kouvali, for various help
Armen Abrahamyan, for coding consulting

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Photo Μαϊ 19, 5 10 33 μ.μ.

I just curated a BYOB session with Patrick C. Haas 
at Bonn University  Art History dept featuring works by artists 

Photo Μαϊ 19, 7 41 54 μ.μ.

3D-CAPSICUM, Mark Aerial Waller, Andreas Angelidakis,

Photo Μαϊ 19, 8 46 05 μ.μ.

Kristina Buch, Tobias Daemgen,  Gia Edzgveradze,


Carolin Eidner, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Harald Hoppe, 


Mischa Kuball, Sylbee Kim, Jon Moscow,

Photo Μαϊ 19, 8 04 59 μ.μ.

Martina Mrongovius, Nicolas Pelzer, Angelo Plessas,

Photo Μαϊ 19, 6 51 01 μ.μ.

Liv Schwenk, Wei Shao, Sabine Voltz


Photo Μαϊ 19, 7 02 57 μ.μ.


Photo Μαϊ 19, 5 53 57 μ.μ.

Photo Μαϊ 19, 5 54 14 μ.μ.

Check BYOB website for a BYOB session to your city

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the Silver Couch: Gert Jonkers

Gert Jonkers

What makes a man Fantastic?
Optimism is an important characteristic of a fantastic man, as are humor, good manners, a knowledge of one's own strong and weak points, and respect for one's parents.

How do you see the relationship between online and print media evolving?
I definitely think that fast things such as gossip, scandal and news already found their ideal home online, while print will swim in an ocean of time as the medium for wisdom and reflexion.

Read in greek via Lifo

Monday, May 16, 2011

On the Silver Couch : @Alex_Walex


Is there life outside Twitter;
Yes there is, especially when you have 3G network and battery.

You got a great mixer with the help of some of your 2.500 "followers". Tell me the steps of your online strategy.
Humor, coolness and a good recipe for marenga . Or else "whisk & conquer".

Are you finally a-twitter persona?
No. I just write what I think. I am sure that in high school I would unbearably bore you.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Gloria Maria Cappelletti


Gloria Maria Cappelletti

You as an art dealer why you chose to work mainly with artists creating on the web?

I strongly believe that critical art forms should always lead people to actually question social life. We live now in a Web 2.0 context and therefore I am interested in working with artists that attempt to break away from previously established patterns. Since, despite its relatively short life span, Net art has already developed its own characteristics, trends, and language as a medium, Net art must now reinterpret its own position as an art medium, in order to not become dated. This is actually a new challange and my desire is to work with the artists in this direction, and even change the rules of the art market. Internet art extends this debate into new territories. The medium has characteristics that are new to art, and many of these further break down the traditional definition of ‘artist’ and also blur the line between artist and viewer. My aim is to provoke an interrogation of the ‘mainstream’.

I feel Milan art scene is having a vibe again. Is it really happening?

I actually feel that Milan is still in a state of inescapable conformity. Hopefully the Internet will set the stage for a chance for art to find freedom once again from the numbing apathy of the culture industry, but I doubt Milan will set this path. In my opinion there is a surprising lack of venues for young emerging artists. Unlike New York, London or Berlin, there are not very many non-commercial venues for exposure. I thought it was appropriate for my gallery to offer this, as I would like to encourage experimentation. I extend this thinking into one night events, between monthly exhibitions, by giving artists a chance to do things in a laboratory kind of environment. I hope this can create some vibe in Milan.

Read Lifo version here