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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

◉ ↂ ╭╮☾ Cybernetic habitat part 3: Xanadu house by Roy Mason

The Xanadu Houses were a series of experimental houses built to showcase examples of computer-automation friendly living with cost-effective housing.

The Kissimmee Xanadu in Florida, designed by Roy Mason, was the most popular.
  (all photos via



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

▓ ♜ ☾ Cybernetic habitat part 2: la casa telematica by Ugo La Pietra

Resuming Cybernetic habitats this part is looking into the work of Ugo La Pietra and one of the visionaries who always inspire me. La Pietra worked on the concept of the Casa Telematica. 

 This house here is a place of gathering, processing and distributing information from the public to the private realm and likewise. It seems quite normal now but 40 years ago it was still something too fictional and impractical.

Pre-internet situation, this project is one of the earliest in this example to expand the physical perception of the body and of the domestic cell to the awareness of the influences on behaviour and the mental suffering of the individual produced by the urban fabric.

Friday, November 14, 2014

░▒ ☾ Cybernetic habitat part 1: Project Cybersyn

There is a great article on the the New Yorker about the famous  Project Cybersyn in Chile at the beginning of the 70s 

In the following days I will post some extra other series to cybernetic environments
The mastermind behind Project Cybersyn Stafford Beer speaks here 2 years after the Allende assasination
He was also a painter (source here)

A 1973–74 cybernetics survey seminar concluded with the anthology Cybernetics of Cybernetics. (source here)

Like this course called Metagames featuring ideas and materials (including cutouts and game boards) for games of “psychological, political, sociological, and epistemological significance.

Monday, November 10, 2014

⧯ On the Silver Couch: Valentinas Klimasauskas ★

Curator and writer Valentinas Klimasauskas 

☮ Angelo: Tell us the story of your life:
★ Valentinas: If the story of life is a song, I'm still not sure about its refrain. Is it 

"I will continue 

to sing, however,

I have no voice" 


"I have no voice.

However, I will 

go on."

☮ Angelo: I really liked the idea that Art works as a teleportation machine. Can you explain and elaborate a bit?

★ Valentinas: While being teenagers we used to go to exhibitions to trip, only without LSD or any other psycho-active substances. Thus for us experiencing an artwork meant to be acknowledged to the new ways how to organise and experience the world as a superstructure of various possibilities. This is how drugs work, right? I guess it also has something to do with the idea that exhibition is a subjective imaginary space which consists out of different entries via n amount of individual artworks rather than a sum of linear experiences. 
Thus you enter this exhibition space via n individual ports and you do it at different times, typically once for an artwork. And at certain point to really understand this exhibition space you have to meet all those yourselves entering this exhibition space at different times. If it happens it all happens mostly in your head, as a meeting of all your sensual and motoric memories, however this experience may be called travelling in space and time. 
Having in mind that, we have to remind ourselves that scientific idea of teleportation is something very different from what we see in movies - it works more as a 3D printer or a copy machine than an elevator or a door bringing us from one place to another. Thus to really experience an exhibition you are forced to organise a meeting with all of you experiencing all the artworks in an exhibition, a bit like in “Being John Malkovich” movie. It’s more inspiring than scaring, though. However, it happens very seldom.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

⧯ On the Silver Couch: Felix Burrichter ★

Pin-Up magazine founder and creative director Felix Burrichter

☮ Angelo: Tell us the story of your life in 140ch
⧯ Felix: I went to New York. I had a dream. Didn’t know anybody. I wanted to do architecture. I wanted to make a magazine. I worked really hard. And my dream came true.

☮ Angelo: How do you relate architecture with sex?
⧯ Felix:  Go hard or go home.

Felix with Lupo

Saturday, November 01, 2014

☼ In Marseille ☀

Last few days I was in Marseille for the opening of the Food show
at Mucem curated by Adelina Von Furstenberg,
with the assistance of Emilie Girard, Jean-Roch Bouiller, Edouard Laubrie 
Mucem just before the opening
The show has a beautiful catalogue published by Skira
I showed updated using imagery 
from the permanent Mucem collection
A piece by John Armleder
Nazi Milk by General Idea
I finally visited the architectural masterpiece Cité radieuse building by Le Corbusier

Le Modulor
The little pastry shop inside

The very impressive rooftop

At the other side of the rooftop a show of Daniel Buren which could have been better with less works in the outdoor part

A corridor inside
Marseille is very nice city with little gems around the Old Port and around