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Saturday, June 30, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Xavier Louyot


Marketing Guru: Xavier Louyot

Tell us your story of your life in 140 ch
Intuition Thinking Judgment. Love hotels, home, fruits, family, Chicken, Biarritz, Yankee Candle & Cheesecake Factory. Any question, Google.

What's your ideal future post-capitalist society
Why some people spend so much energy to impose their ideas on others? Live & let live... This would ne a nice start merci beaucoup au revoir.

Who is a contemporary hero? 
All those women who embrace both highly demanding profesional careers & children education. Not to mention the single ladies: I say respect.

Read in greek in Lifo

Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Tankboys - Lorenzo Mason & Marco Campardo


Venice-based TankBoys and part of Automatic Books , 
Lorenzo Mason and Marco Campardo

Why did you become publishers?
Because we wanted to publish books that we'd like to buy when we visit bookshops.

Who is your influence?
It's a long list. As publishers it takes a couple of shelves of our bookshelf.
As graphic designers, another couple of shelves.

What do you read?
We prefer to read books that have more words than images

Read in greek via Lifo

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Twilight of the Idols,opened at Cell Projects

(photo by Damian Jaques) 
My show the Twilight of the Idols just opened at Cell Project Space in London,
(photo by Damian Jaques) 
part of the ongoing project Every website is a Monument. 
This show is part of Cell's CYcLORAMA programme and it will be still on until the 22nd of July.
(photo by Damian Jaques) 

(photo by Damian Jaques) 

For this show I did new websites combined with the Mousepad Monuments attached symbolically to each one.
This website is called
I got the title for the piece from Paul Klee's Twittering Machine. In this piece, a software Bot which lives on the screen and is programmed to collect tweets with the word freedom, from the internet in real time. He plays cupid with those freedom tweets, shooting arrows to re-tweet, making sounds and clouds.
My Bot could be an Arab, he could be a Greek, he could be a Polynesian. He could be a revolutionary in Tahrir or Wall Street, or a teenage girl who complains that her parents wont allow her to change her hair color or to be a boy.. is a portrait of an internet machine with a mission for freedom. 


This one is While moving the curson Icon explosions happen and magnified pattern mosaics combined with piano notes.

(photo by Damian Jaques) 


This is a title taken from a publication with the same name by Friedrich Nietzsche a book which fictionalizes the real world. In this piece a centaur seeks consolation and vitality isolated by the chaos of reality. You can move him back and forth and make him grasp  his destiny into his hands.

Photo 11-6-12 15 16 00

IMG_4162 SheIsMadeOfTruth_com

This is a title take from a Shakespearean quote. This vibrant girl is following you all along the edges of the screen trying to fight solitude or maybe seduce you. At some point you can put her to sleep or guide her through the stairs for a wild color experience.


I placed some Monuments around London on these print series referencing to the websites. These images are also attached on Google Earth at these specific places.

MonumentRe-TwitteringMachine_low MonumentTheTwilightOfTheIdols_low MonumentSheIsMadeOfTruth_low MonumentHorizonOfResemblance_low

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Thanks to Sotiris Vasiliou for the 3D rendering help

Friday, June 01, 2012

Temple of Truth


The Temple of Truth is now open at Rebecca Camhi gallery.


Temple of Truth is an environment of meta-well being and a stage for unrealized mental capabilities of our visitors. We will feature events, demo - happenings and talks that will be announced soon. It will be on until the 22nd of September


The centerpiece is the Temple of Truth Individual Meditation Center.


Τhe multi-functional Extropist Altar


A view of the projection of brand new website

Temple Of Truth2

Temple Of Truth2

A view of the Extropist Altar and the Auto-Troll banner

Temple Of Truth2

Part of the website installation with the Unknown Icon


The corridor from the left of the Truthopian, the Clicktivist and the Extropist

Temple Of Truth2

The neon T3mPleoFtRu7h is the wifi password of the gallery  


We offer and accept organic stuff


Τhe Floaters of the Internet banner


A general view

Temple Of Truth2

Temple of Truth2

Inside the Temple of Truth


One of the early visitors at the opening was artist Marina Karellas 
also known as Princess Marina of Greece

Temple of Truth2

Marina took off her shoes and set off on a mental escape.


The Clicktivist banner


The Extropist banner


Temple Of Truth2


The Truthopian

Temple of Truth2

Temple of Truth2

Rebecca Camhi inside the Temple

Temple of Truth klea

Temple of Truth2


Temple of Truth2

Temple of Truth

Temple of Truth