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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Around Milan

Domesticated Mountain by Andreas Angelidakis at Gloria Maria Gallery


IMG_3690 IMG_3671 
Maria Cristina (curator of the show) with Andreas
Gloria Maria, Andreas and Mariuccia

a still from the video

Here with Andreas, Adelina, Priscilla and Marcelo for orthodox Easter

and then some nice party

Ricky, Elena and Gloria
Flavio, Caroline, Stefano, Ricky, Fabrizio, Andrea

BYOB Milan

Miart : the fantastic Melancolia of Lucio del Pezzo

great Luigi Ontani
Lucio del Pezzo

Lucio del Pezzo
a great 70's lego piece in a bookstore


Bruno Munari for Campari drawing book

Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari

Lily Van der Stokker at Kaufmann Repetto

Sunday, April 22, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Leonardo Bigazzi

Leonardo Bigazzi
Curator and Film Festival organizer Leonardo Bigazzi

Tell us the story of your life in 140 characters.
Florence, 1982 – Love, Art, Friends and Travels – Florence, 2012

Why do you live in Florence?
This is the question I’ve been asking myself more frequently in the last ten years without really finding an answer. The quality of life is incredibly high and Florence is unbelievably beautiful but since I’m working in contemporary art very often I feel totally out of the world because things are happening somewhere else. I try to travel as much as I can and I work for a few stimulating projects. I guess that until I will be able to quench my thirst of contemporary culture by doing this I will still live here.

What's your favorite quote?
“There is no such thing as luck, there is a moment when talent meets opportunity” Lucio Anneo Seneca

Read in greek via Lifo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Asli Serbest


Asli Serbest

Tell us your story of your life in 140ch
Birth in Istanbul. Studies of architecture, visual media and communication design in Istanbul, Stuttgart and Milan. Maus at Junk sales at

What's your approach in print magazines dealing with internet culture?
Our print magazine Junk Jet is a transporter. As transporter it is a container moving contents from one place to another. At the same time, it is an archive that, while moving, stores its contents carefully (a sort of form finding). The net.heart issue, which is the latest one, has transferred internet things from their digital space into a paper jet. This transportation procedure relies on documents in a similar way as the museum relies on photograph and video documenting performance arts. And Junk Jet believes that this analogue documentation is in no way inferior to pseudo-preserving techniques of data migration, emulation, or reprogramming. At the end, Junk Jet says: Transportation is not so much about the artwork as object, but rather about the indication of the subjective decision of the artist. Junk Jet approaches internet as a conceptual phenomenon.

Read in greek via Lifo