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Friday, February 18, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Semeli Economou (Re-post)


Semeli Economou

- You are an actress and a director. Do you like to dominate or being dominated on camera?
I'm a transformer. I love to transform myself and I love to transform others. So by being both an actress and a director is like having my head and tail on one coin! Its up to you which way you want to flip it...

- I see you a lot in India..tell us what are you doing there?
India is a magical place and I try to go there once a year to do Panchakarma, which is a traditional form of healing/detox. It aligns and balances the chakras. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives no?

- Your motto?
The sooner we find out what our purpose in life is, the more time we have to execute it!

Her website here

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