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Friday, February 18, 2011

On the Silver Couch : María Virginia Jaua Alemán


María Virginia Jaua Alemán

-Tell us your story of your life in 140 characters:
A life story is something very simple: She was born, grew up, studied, had fun, travelled, and fell down many times, and sometimes have succes. And we have the part nobody wants to know: little by little she faded and later she died. But we have a part everybody wants read: she loved and was loved… and if we have a lot of sex, better!

- Do you imagine yourself blogging in 20 years from now?
Sure! I can imagine myself making an even better blog than the one I’m doing now: I can imagine everything… but, to be honest, it’s probable that by then will bored with blogging and will be doing something else. 

- Is the Internet uncensored in Venezuela?
I have not lived in Venezuela for many years, although I’m still in touch and I visit frequently. The Internet is not censored, but there is the permanent threat to do so. It’s more like psychological warfare. People live in a state of fear that it can happen from one moment to the other. In my opinion, the only thing that keeps afloat a government like Venezuela’s, is to keep people living in a state of terror and constant threats of censorships promote that state.

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