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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The ∞ INFINITE ◯ Webring of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood website has a new mobile friendly interface designed by PWR Studio 

The new interface is called "The ∞ INFINITE ◯ Webring of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood" is neo-archaic, semi-random navigation ⎈ system hand-coded and chain-linked by PWR Studio in the €uro-zone in August 2013. A never-ending loop within the complex coils of the society of control. No Menu. No index.

Through this system you can navigate through extra interviews, essays, and projects done for the Mexico edition during April 2013. Projects by Andreas Angelidakis, Jacinto Astiazaran, Sotiris Bakagiannis, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Harry Burke, Vincent Charlebois, Tyler Coburn, Birch Cooper, Rhys Coren, Petra Cortright, Jesse Darling, Zachary Davis, Apache-Theodore Darst, Brian Droitcour, Cecil B. Evans & Yuri Pattison, Rozsa Farkas, Manuel Fernandez, Paul Flannery, Attila Fattori Franchini, Marina Fokidis, Emilio Gomariz, Joe Hamilton, Marc Horowitz, JunkJet, Brian Khek, Mirko de Lisi, Anastasios Logothetis, Michael Manning, Ceci Moss, Theo Michael, Brenna Murphy, Angelo Plessas, PWR Studio, Eva Papamargariti, Rafael Rozendaal, Pascual Sisto, Jasper Spicero, Nicolas Sassoonn, Zak Stone, Hugo Scibetta, Panos Tsagaris, Johannes Thumfart, Priscilla Tea, Mai Ueda + Mike Calvert, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lance Wakeling, Krist Wood and many more.

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