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Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Katerina Kana

Artist Katerina Kana

What would you like to know you do not know? 
I would like to know everything I do not know and wouldn't like to know everything that I know. 
What wouldn't  you like to know already that you know? 
I would not want to know why we are doing this interview. 
How do you think life will be in Athens in the next  following years? 
I want to believe in a small revival, but maybe it is a utopia. Dense fog in politics. What is the game, who are the players and what are the plans for Greece I don't  know. I prefer to live in the moment without thinking about the future, since it will happen. For the past trapped in the future there is only front and rear. One day even the sun is lost, and new worlds will be born.

Read in greek via Lifo

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