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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New: 2012 is my new piece commissioned for the Malta Contemporary Arts' travelling project Parallel Borders curated by Mark Mangion. 
On the website we see primitive geometric shapes that create a perspective infinite trail. While moving the mouse colored shapes resurface on top of other shapes marked also by repercussive sounds emerging something like mega-structure. 
For me this gestural composition  "portrays" a different perspective of time. Nowdays spending time online under the flickering lights of our screens, we establish a twisted relation with time. As post-modern philosopher Paul Virilio puts it in his book Lost Dimension:  "…pure computer time helps to construct a continuous present an unbounded intensity that is destroying the tempo of our degraded society [..]". 
In this mindset I would say the internet is an outsized invisible monument or even  I would call it a monument to an ever-changing present, a materializing force that no longer separates but unravels new realities …The web mega-structure unfolds inside Athens historical site(s) in a unified spatial conquest.

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Anonymous said...

nice concept.