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Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Neen evening in Amsterdam

The afternoon preparation at the restaurant section

Me Looking at You website overlooking us

Club11 is situated on the top-floor of the Stedeljik museum

Yesterday night at Amsterdam's Club 11 there was a Neen evening and a Meet-in-a-nice-Restaurant at the same time. The dinner and event was put together by Rafael Rozendaal and the event included projections of artworks by Andreas Angelidakis, Rafael Rozendaal, Miltos Manetas, Joel Fox and myself, poetry reading by Nikola Tosic. The space was filled with thousand of towels with the word Neen on it. Also the band Aux Raus perfomed and it was really great.


Daphne said...

looks great - hope u guys are havin' a fab time! xxx

Angelo Plessas said...

ams is dam cool! thanks dafnara xxx