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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

⧯ On the Silver Couch: Zoe Paul

Artist Zoe Paul

☮: Tell us your story of your life in 140ch

: I was born from South African political refugees who moved to Kythera in the 1970s; they were told "you have a beautiful house but there is no life in it"; when I was born they called me Ζωή

☮: What's your thoughts about everyday life in Greece?

:...let's see what the future holds...Greece can be a scary place. I have started making an aromatic garden these days so I'm spending quite a bit of time researching Mediterranean plants, for which the climate is very conducive.

☮: Whats your relationship with authority in general? 

:You know, I cannot understand whether sometimes I'm a bit of a dick with authority or it is the other way around.  

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