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Thursday, November 03, 2011

On the Silver Couch: LuckyPDF

LuckyPDF (l-r Yuri Pattison, John Hill, James Early)

You usually organize a "landscape of events" via our internet society. How did you see the eventful physical cityscape of Athens?

James: Athens is an extension of our social environment now, a location for conversation and art. Watched over by a great monument to civilisation, athens could be the birthplace of new global economic thinking.

John: Having a city surrounded by mountains is bad for your air quality but great for your water pressure.

While computer interfacing is a reality does "here" and "there" means something to you?

James: Coming to athens confirmed the importance of travel: as we have adopted the internet as our main 3rd party information tool, we become deadened to understanding reality.

Yuri: I think that "here" and "there" now exist more as emotional ideas, you can still miss someone you're in constant electronic contact with.

Read in Lifo Mag here

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