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Thursday, January 27, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Hamid Amini


Hamid Amini

-In 140 characters tell us the story of your life?
I am Hamid Amini , born in 1981 in Tehran right after revolution , we had to leave the country but returned and then left again, I practically changed 4 times countries lived in States, Iran, Germany, Switzerland and now France ... after a few galleries, have been working as a project manager in a trend office and an advertising company here.... my life is a Cinema Paradiso for its own right.

-I noticed you like men who beat themselves what's up with that?

Those photos were taken illegally during Ashoura, a day where muslims mourn the death of an Imam , they beat their hairy chests till it becomes red, then later in the night they grab a knife and cut their scalps till blood runs into their face as a sign to violent death of the Imam , they chew opium to bear the pain better and later on fall sleep all naked in the mosque ... its sort of a bear club .... in Tehran !!! ... I was about to get arrested, Thanks God I looked like them and no body saw my hard-on ;))

-How do you feel on this couch?
Well I signed in for Greek courses as soon as I got back to Paris, so I guess that's enough about Silver Couch's influences on me!!

Read greek version on LIFO mag 

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