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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Peres Projects in Athens

Chung King road teleported to Leonidou street

Javier Peres

Guests enjoying sunset on the roof

Eli Sudbtack with a fantastic outfit

Ben and Terry

Terence Koh with Andreas Angelidakis

Gert and Andreas

Javier's birthday cake

Stathis Bistikas

Nate Lowman and Leo Fitzpatrick

Thodoris Amateur Boy

Kostis Velonis and Andreas Kasapis

Alexandros Yeorgiou "straight" to Marina Fokidis

Rob Meerman and Stathis Panagoulis

A love affair by George Vamvakidis and Loraini Alimantiri

Tim and Eli

Peres Projects opens a temporary gallery in Athens and yesterday we celebrated this arrival along with his birthday. Names here are work in progress. :)


Anonymous said...

o art attack pu itan
pu to pezi mesa se ola...
Mallon sto spiti tu ke mizereve me tous mizerous sinodiporous too.
Fun belongs to fun people

Rebecca Camhi said...

aye! it looks like it was so o much fun! where was I ? :) xxxx love to all rebecca

sylvia said...

...wish i WERE there... instead was crying under the magic influence of antony (and the johnsons) live..

Angelo Plessas said...

we missed you girls! Rebecca I dont see you on MSN, Sylvia I dont see you on Skype. xoxox

Anonymous said...

δεν μας φτάνανε οι εγχώριες φρουτεμπορικές (βλέπε breeder, γκαζον, καμχή) μας έρχονται τώρα και εισαγώμενα φρούτα.

Anonymous said...

Angelo lots of love from Cologne. Keep saying!

Anonymous said...

veloni ise theos!!!