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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meen art by artist EmKei

Greek artist Em-Kei founder of the Meen art movement

The brand-new art movement of the 21st century is here! Start ripping up your art books. As the artists involved explain, “Meen” is a social behaviour, an attitude. In order to become a “Meen” artist you have to be as much of a bastard as possible. Spitting, slapping, pulling other artists’ hair, biting, kicking and anything “Meen” you can think of. Violence meets creativity in the most outrageous art scheme of our times. In a recent “Meen” performance, six artists raided a group show and smashed all the artworks, as well as the curator’s head, pissed on the walls and sprayed “Meen” on the wooden floors. The movement is spreading so fast that almost every artist in Athens has been attacked at least once, with several of those ending up in hospital. Witnesses of another serious incident that took place outside the Deste Foundation, report seeing a group of outraged artists chasing a poor girl, shouting “f**k your stupid sculpture” and “death to conceptual artists”. It has been revealed that the initiation involves slaughtering a hen that lays golden eggs and spitting on an authentic Lucian Freud. Several ex-members of “Meen” art that quit the scheme, are now struggling to go back to a normal, love-you-all art life, turning to God’s love for help.


sylvia said...


Angelo Plessas said...

yo yo, it is not real, - pitty.

Anonymous said...

posi logokrisia tha pesi edo mesa?

Anonymous said...

logokrisia den paizei edw anwnime.