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Friday, February 16, 2007

Enthusiastic on Second Life

Ok, I know we cannot settle in one place, travelling is crazy lately so this is why Andreas bought a big piece of land on Second Life and he is building our "real" stable house The area where we will live is called Aglaia -funny and kind of tacky Greek female name. Our land has lot's of space so I decided to make some new sculptures. So these days you can come and see me working there, topless and tanned. After the Angelo Says Trash Can I created a replica of the Ballerina from my website but in turkish red(Turkey here we come) and I put some next to each other floating on the ceiling in a Beecroftesque way.


Anonymous said...

Beecroftesque lol

Anonymous said...

they look like turkish dervishes

Rebecca Camhi said...

how gorgeous is that! wish I could dance with them !