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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Explosions from a master

The beautiful last scene of Antonioni 1970's movie "Zabriskie Point".
Source this MySpace profile


Anonymous said...

great angelo ...just bare in mind that the explosion of zabriskie point was conceived and designed by Dean Tavoularis...His first job as a young film production designer!
We had it shown in the exhibition i curated on Tavoularis in a very very low speed through a huge projection in the museum it is fantastic
can i send you a pic of the installation in this blog?

Angelo Plessas said...

Hello Voltnoi! I have seen this video very cool. How are you? xxx

Marina, thanks for the info. Unfortunately you still cannot upload through a comment. So send me by email. xxxx

gregorios pharmakis said...

an orgasm's description, angelo.