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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do you remember "R e m e m b e r "?

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I should not stick so much in the eighties but I cannot leave unmentioned about my 2006 fashion store re-discovery. In the Athens of the 80's punks and rock fans used to buy their clothes from Remember. I still remember my mom's nod of disapproval when I bought my first Cure pins in the summer of 1989. Remember still operates in Plaka with the most outstanding leftovers from this era. Almost a year ago I was walking in Plaka and I was very happy to discover that I could find shoes and clothes from the upcoming Dior Homme, Balenciaga, Bernard Wilhelm and Rick Owens catwalks but 20 times cheaper and more original. The hyper-social owner Dimitris Tsouanatos is really the athenian encyclopedia of the 80's so if you still think that Athens sucks on shopping, Remember to visit Remember!


Anonymous said...

what a great memory that is for me! The last time I was in Athens was 1988 when I was 20 years old! The 80's ruled in so many fabulous ways!

Anonymous said...

I am going there today.