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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A video from Anathena

Lily and Daphne with Manolis Babousis

Andreas, Iliana, a friend, Andreas, Elena

Jeff, Olympia and myself

Yesterday night I went to Deste Foundation to check the small concert in the lobby area of the foundation. It was part of the Anathena show with Lo-Fi and Fantastikoi Hxoi on the decks. I had the chance finally to take some videos of the show. After Deste we went to 2 magazine parties downtown Athens. One is called Mother and the other is Velvet.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming by last night. Thodoris

Angelo Plessas said...

It was fun Thodoris! I wanna check the magazine too!

gregorios pharmakis said...

It was an interesting phenomenon to observe.

Anonymous said...

a mother fashion editorial was available at the party as a sneak preview. Mother will be available very soon in full.

phenomenon sounds interesting i guess.

iLi said...

hello guys ..thnx for the photos angelo, first time i actually like a photo of me. :p
mother will be the fresh, with a twist, sexy, arty magazine that athens is desperate for!!!

Angelo Plessas said...

Mother should become the mother of Athens coolness! Are u in still in Thess?