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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tsui Design

Andreas is providing me with the best architecture information. One of the most innovative and cool architecture magazines is Mark. This magazine is based in Holland and covers a more visionary and fresh aspect of architecture of today. The 4th issue has a full-page article about Andreas' Cloud house (check my June archive for more on this). Browsing a little more I discovered something very very unusual which sticked on my brain since yesterday. Tsui design is an architecture and design firm based in California. I would call their architecture a mixture of Gaudi meets World of Warcraft. Maybe their buildings look more like videogame than a real videogame. Apart from designing these dreamy houses they also make fashion. Why not? entering their houses in Ralph Lauren is a major faux pas... Check their website here


Anonymous said...

I love it, the menu on their website: "architecture, planning,"!

Angelo Plessas said...

The website it is also another thing. So rad....I am so Tsui addicted since yesterday!is this iceland calling?

Anonymous said...

Mark is the bright side of design and architecture