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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tokyo report: the opening of Le Baron

Artist and DJ Benjamin Moroe

Toshio Nakanishi with Olympia Le Tan

Mai Ueda in kimono with a spanking poster

Mai with Kasumi Koji

Le Baron is one of the hippest nightclub in Paris. It opened in 2004 by André and his associate Lionel, who previously organised Paris’s most successful raves, is the after-dark address. Stating their desire for a club that depended on neither ‘models nor bottles’, this duo created a space to attract artists, musicians and actors, and in doing so they created the city’s trendiest venue. Yesterday there was an opening party in Tokyo and my friend Mai Ueda went there with her friends. More on Le Baron in few days.


Anonymous said...

Mai is great. She is so sexy.

Anonymous said...

yes !
i could say aksiogamiti

Angelo Plessas said...

Kalws ton Cheap-iriko!