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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Maria Papadimitriou: Larger than Life

a photo from the TAMA catalogue

Dummies 1996 (courtesy: Beltsios Collection)

Maria Papadimitriou is a greek artist and a friend. One of her known projects is TAMA, an ongoing collective project on the nature of nomadism which involves a settlement of gypsies in an abandoned area of Athens. Due to her fantastic speech in a discussion forum last Saturday I think I owe her a post in this blog big time! The topic of the discussion was how an art-fair should be and how it can function in a city like Athens. Maria described her personal experience with the Greek reality in the most enlightening and engaging way.


Anonymous said...

aftes oi fotografies tis einai self-portraits?

Angelo Plessas said...

yes. These are self-portraits.