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Monday, May 29, 2006

The destruction of architecture

Xenia Hotel year 2006

While I was in Trikala this weekend, I took my car and I visited the abandoned hotel of Xenia in the town of Kalambaka. I was curious to see it because it is famous and designed by architect Aris Konstantinides. It took me a lot of time to find the deserted and seriously "wounded" building on the edge of the town. The uncontroled greenery that surrounds the building makes almost impossible to trace it from the outside. Hotel Xenia was built in the early 60's in one of the most beautiful locations of Greece, facing the Meteora rocks. It has been published in numerous publications around the world as a good example of modernist architecture in Greece. I took a short stroll inside the hotel and the courtyard, took these photos and I left with a sad feeling. Leaving Kalambaka and driving back to Trikala, I watched around the other hotels in the area and I unfortunately faced what's the current taste of architecture. Is Xenia Hotel gonna have a similar future as any other modernist building in this country? Will it be demolished or badly renovated?

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