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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Temple of Play, commissioned for Frieze Projects 2013

Temple of Play
Temple of Play is a multi-disciplinary installation for the Family Space
Temple of Play
of the 2013 Frieze Art Fair.  It's a commission by Frieze Foundation  Temple of Play
The Temple of Play is comprised by the Emoticon Theatre, a workshop
Temple of Play
where children explore the theme of portraiture 
encountered daily on our online visual culture
Children could make their own faces on the Family Guide 
specifically designed by Andreas AngelidakisIMG_9417* Temple of Play
The guide was converted to Emoti-Cubes 
where impromptu mini perfomances were taking place
Temple of Play
But also an interactive screen used between online and physical
Temple of Play
One other part of the workshops was that chidrend could
 build their own Temple using Crazy Forts
Temple of Play Temple of Play
But also some relaxation podcasting inside the meditation pods
Another workshop was the collective Podcast Relaxation 
which aims to reconnect children with their physicality
Temple of Play
Download a relaxation podcast from here10343370696_7cc48b2d13_h*POLLY

For more info on the project visit the Temple of Play website

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Dimitra V said...

Fantastic Angel. Kids are us.