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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The auction of the Athens (Gay) Pride at the Breeder gallery


Auctioneer Elisavet Logotheti Lyra was capable of selling everything!


The Breeder, George and Stathis

(in the background a work by Steven Yiannakos)


Elisavet Logotheti Lyra with Andreas Angelidakis


l-r: Kunsthalle Athena's Marina Fokidis, new collector Alexandra Tsesmeli
with 303 gallery director Mari Spirito


Participating artist Poka Yio with Marina Fokidis


Artist Deanna Maganias


A work by Christodoulos Panayiotou


Athens Pride's and auction curator Andrea Gilbert with George Vamvakidis


Participating artist Mantalina Psoma


Participating artist Katerina Kana


A work by Theo Michael

More here


maria papadimitriou said...

super nice!!!!!!!!!
form Maria & Dora Papapdimitriou

Angelo Plessas said...

I need to see you more! let's work on that! Love AP

alex walex said...

ohhh how nice... i'm a young collector.. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the documentation ....dearest we had a good time

Andreas Angelidakis said...

I want to buy you more :P

Augustine said...

Nice job, Angelo! For us few that couldn't be there.

iLi said...

thnx angelo!!xx

Anonymous said...

hahaha yes, indeed. We did have a good time and made 20somethingK, for works that had been priced all ...equally.
Nice job, Angelo- it was more than an auction; a stand-up comedy!, between Stathis and mylelf (sort of- it is carnival after all and I was wearing Rebecca's wig). And if it were not for people like alex-walex, "young collectors" that is, plus the help of yourselves (the gnostoi-"agnostoi" supporters...) and... if it were not for a specific cause of interest (enough with children and pseudo-culture-related charity), indeed this "show" would not have been on.
And that's why next year, if I am involved, which would be an honour in itself, we would have to do it properly... make it one of the few true opportunitie's where you might get a chance to eagerly (out)bid and buy a work of art because you reaaaaally like it and for a good cause... That should be a winner, I think... even if I have to beg, or wear a wig... impromptu... Once... to communicate "support" for the cause, not to forget about the cause... and the Breeder are open to new ideas and are making things happen... and when asked, they give good and sound advice. That's what I think. I repeat I had a great time. The works were for real and they were given (donated) with care for the Cause. Noone can be too proud for that, noone is allowed to flaunt infront of the true "donors"...
Hope to help further "enhance" the ammount next year.
Best to all

Anonymous said...

What can I say!!!! In ascending - but not necessarily - order:
Thanks to the weather for not pouring rain.
Thanks to Absolut Vodka for great drinks and for recognizing Athens Pride.
Thanks to everyone who came and looked so gorgeous.
Thanks to everyone who bought work.
Thanks to Elisavet for a fun, exciting auction.
Thanks to the adorable Athens Pride volunteers.
A million thanks Stathis, George, Nadia, Konstantina and Liz of The Breeder for the most obvious reasons!!!
A billion thanks to last year's Artists for Athens Pride, who set the precedent and made everyone die to participate this year.
And a zillion thanks to this year's artists, who gave amazing works (some made specifically for the event) - works of the heart from the heart.
I cannot tell you all how thrilled and touched I am - personally and on behalf of Athens Pride. Once again, you have ensured a fabulous event this year. I hope to see you all at Athens Pride 2010, June 5, Plateia Klafthmonos.
Artists are the BEST! I love you all!!!
Andrea (Gilbert)