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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Prospect Academy: workshop 1


The Prospect Academy started yesterday with a super fun workshop with kids aged 5-10. The workshop started with an introduction to online activities such as collaborative drawing where kids started drawing on online drawing pads such as this one. The theme was focused on portraiture with participating kids enthusiastically drawing faces especially super smiley ones which they saved to their email account and will be published soon.


Then we concluded with "Hide and Seek: Skype edition". This game consists of 2 groups of 4-5 people and each group is obliged to communicate via Skype with a super light laptop(suggested 1 here). Game starts when Group 1 goes to hide and then Group 2 starts guessing where Group 1 is by looking their Skype window and guessing Group 1's whereabouts. This game can be very difficult because Group 1 misguides Group 2. It is interesting how kids discover new ways to achieve goal and trace or avoid opponents. The workshop took place at the 2nd Athens Biennale venue in P. Faliro.






The Prospect Academy will continue next summer with a Computer Camp for both Adults and Kids in a place we will announce soon.

Photos used from this great publication Digital Deli via Atari Archives


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