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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Angelo Foundation featured in FAKE magazine: a project for MUSAC

Fake magazine is a project curated by Tolo Canellas for MUSAC

Fake: Which is the aim of the foundation?

We prefer to shoot without aiming! Aiming is pre-internet, now we do stuff and we see what happens in response. But some of the things we want to do is maybe bridge the existing "weird" relationship of the internet and culture mainly art, philosophy, poiltics and fashion. I will name just a few revolutions that happen on the internet that always inspire me and I have fun doing them such as online social behavior, networking, identity issues, piracy. The foundation will "bring" these issues on the surface with aesthetic interventions such as exhibitions, perfomances, competitions, but also charities, talks, lectures, salons etc.,

Fake:How can you become a member or support it?

Mainly you can become a friend of the foundation on Facebook, which by the way is our current main communication sponsor. The foundation functions on the free stuff that we find online. There are people from all over theworld that asked me already to participate and help in any possible way. When somebody helps with a performance or event we give them a Certificate
of Friendship. Then if people or organizations give us financial support there is the Donation Certificate, which is in a limited edtion. We also take money from strangers no problem! (contact

Fake:Do you have any famous member?

Famous people are not so much the case anymore. Microcelebrity is the new celebrity. Everybody has it's own audience now, we are all learning how to live in front of a crowd. But to answer your question yes,we are in the process of having a member of a royal family to help us with our activities, which I accidentally met under a different pseudonym on the internet. Most royals know how to live in front of the crowd since the day they are born so it is kind of cool
to absorb their skills for our projects.

Fake: What kind of events do you organize?

Our activities are various and all under consideration, speculation and open to misinterpretation. Specifically our next events could be:A Robot Poetry Reading which is a special performance that maybe will happenin September. Then maybe an architectural competition for the foundation's mobile headquarters, also we will probably host some Expressive Art Therapy sessions, and maybe a sexy Internet Hook-up Fiesta. Everything is maybe and probably because we don’t belive in a fixed future and not even a fixed


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