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Thursday, April 26, 2007


No this is not one of these gay prides. This is the Kanamara annual festival in Japan's Kawasaki city. The event is traditionally a celebration of fertility. Click here for more


Anonymous said...

ti gavla ke ipermegethis ke roz

bwana said...

Dear Angelos!
Shame on you for being in China and still never having visited Tyrnavos in Thessalia region...
Andreas Voutsinas had missed it too, till his early fifties, and was quite amazed - also noteworthy is the bourani veggie-soup prepared by the locals. Everybody has to stop in front of them, stir the big soup cauldron and eat a spoonful of this soup, while all the time he is kissing and bowing to the multitude of phaluses that surround him! Even church officials turn a blind eye on this custom, desperately waiting for these Paganism residues to fade away (yeah, dream on...)