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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beatrice: the new NYC spot

Mai Ueda

Olympia le Tan

Arrow Nakajima

Andre, owner of Beatrice

Fashion designer Madeleine Von Froomer

Beatrice is a new club in New York west village. It opened recently by Andre (La Baron) and Paul Sevigny. It looks like old french restaurant, 2 floors and you can touch the ceiling. They serve food for special people and on sundays coolest people are there dancing til 4 am, with oldies and dance hall raggae.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly how you describe it angelo. a place that Nyc needed quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

beatrice /drugdealer land
wana coke exta any.... come there
going to close very soon....

Anonymous said...

I love angelo! and it s true for the druggggs!!!