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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Venice:What I liked

The Long Blondes perfoming at the British pavillion

Rem Koolhaas and Jacques Herzog at the debate of the Piccolo Teatro

A view from the French pavillion

The project of the Air-carrier city of the Austrian Pavillion

The 10th edition of the Architecture Biennial has just opened at the Giardini and the Arsenale. This year's theme is about Cities, Architecture and Society. It is curated by Richard Burdett. I almost visited every pavillion and the Arsenale. One of the main aspects of this biennial is a sparse ideas of proposals and a vast presentation of information (overpopulated cities, migration etc). Ideas that I have seen 3 years ago when Rem Koolhaas was the guest editor of Wired. Of course there are some highlights. The French pavillion was one of them. The project was called Metavilla in which a team of people did a sort of a squat in the pavillion building a temporary block of rooms. The Austrian pavillion which one of it's projects was the Aircraft Carrier City by Hans Hollein made in 1964. An aircrfat dugged in a rural area creating a new city. More about the architecture Biennial on Andreas' blog.


Anonymous said...

Angelo, great concise commentary! Since I was there too, I agree with the most of what you say. A small correction, the curator is Richard Burdett not Andrew.

Angelo Plessas said...

Thanks for the correction.You are already back! we are in Milan xxx

Anonymous said...

xxx c u soon!

Anonymous said...

rem koolhas rocks always