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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Science of Sleep

When "Eternal Sunchine of the Spotless Mind" came out, I watched it 3 times in theatre and 1 on DVD. This time the upcoming "Science of Sleep" by Michel Gondry seems quite promising too (at least from these posters above). The plot a step beyond:A man held captive by the people in his dreams tries to wake himself up and take control of his own imaginings.... More on the trailer here. Apart from directing his first movie, Michel Gondry is showing at Deitch Projects gallery in NYC too. In this exhibition, he will show movie sets which are presented as sculptures and "pathological creepy little gifts" as stated in the gallery's press release.


Anonymous said...

i saw the movie, very disappointing

i liked eternal but this one sucks

Angelo Plessas said...

really? It looks cool...where did you see it? Already in EU?