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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Devendra Banhart in Athens

Devendra Banhart perfoming at Underwold Athens

I went to the Devendra Banhart concert few hours ago here in Athens. Even with Antony and the Johnsons at the same time playing somewhere else, a lot of people showed up. Devendra was high with lots of good attitude. I attach some photos. I will post some videos on later today, gotta go to prepare the Neen Demo at the Benaki museum.

Daphne Mavrogiorgos, Neenstar Rafael Rozendaal, Marina Fokides

Marina Fokides and Rebecca Camhi


Anonymous said...

your pic's are ten times better than mineee!!pali kala na xw kai gw to souvenir mou!

Anonymous said...

thanks, iliana. send me your blog pls!xxxx

Anonymous said...

ela sou esteila kai email

sou eksigw ta panta sto email mou see you in an hour in real time sto Mouseiooo!!! good luck an kai kserw oti tha skisete.