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Thursday, March 23, 2006

David Lynch's Flash animations

As a great fan of David Lynch and a self-taught Flash user I found an interesting interview that he gave to Juxtapoz magazine. He is talking about his series of flash animations called "Dumbland". The series are available on but unfortunately you have to pay to watch them (this is disappointing and does not seem very David Lynch)

There are some extracts of the interview worth mentioning:

Tell me about the Genesis of Dumbland:
DL: This thing started as a series of animated shorts for the Internet studio Shockwave. I learned Flash animation doing Dumbland. I had done some stop-motion animation and I understood cel animation, but I didn't know anything about the program Flash. I'd recently gotten going on a computer, so it was pretty strange. When you see Dumbland, you can see how I learned as I went along, and there's a real progression in sophistication from the first to the last episodes. I love Flash animation. ....

On Dumbland you used sophisticated technology to create animated drawings that look like something a kid might do. Can you talk about using that kind of technical approach to create something so simplistic?
DL:The thing about humor is that it's very abstract. A whole bunch of things have to marry for something to elicit a laugh and to feel correct, and Dumbland's name alone implies a kind of crude, unsophisticated thing. In a strange way, Flash is a vector-based thing that's very smooth, so it's hard to make it look bad. I worked to make it crude and stupid to make it funny, ans so I feel really good about the way it goes.

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