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Friday, November 25, 2005

The next media consumption

Vito Campanelli is writing a book about the perception of digital culture. I was asked to answer some questions that Lev Manovich thought for the book. Here is one of them:

While the tools to produce one own media have been more accessible and more powerful, people never consumed more commercial media than now. Thus the essential division between 'media amateurs' and 'media professionals' which got established in the beginning seems to be as strong as ever. Will this situation ever change? What will be the next stage in media consumption after MP3 players, DVD recorders, CD burners, etc, etc, etc.?

Things are more complicated now. The division of the amateurs and professionals is ambivalent. Who can be defined as a pro or amateur finally? A guy that produces music on a single laptop and makes it a Top 10 hit... is he an amateur?
Portable video is the next "product" and has more potential than music because of numbers. A top-selling cd can sell 500.000 in week but a cool sitcom can have 40 million in a week. At the same time Hollywood is going bad. It is time for do-it-yourself video producers to contribute to the entairtainment business. Porno too. Video podcasting will be on the spotlight. People already have started heading back to videogames. The death of an online player in a role-playing game like World of Warcraft is bigger headline on Google News than if Tom Cruise is gay or not.
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