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Monday, November 10, 2014

⧯ On the Silver Couch: Valentinas Klimasauskas ★

Curator and writer Valentinas Klimasauskas 

☮ Angelo: Tell us the story of your life:
★ Valentinas: If the story of life is a song, I'm still not sure about its refrain. Is it 

"I will continue 

to sing, however,

I have no voice" 


"I have no voice.

However, I will 

go on."

☮ Angelo: I really liked the idea that Art works as a teleportation machine. Can you explain and elaborate a bit?

★ Valentinas: While being teenagers we used to go to exhibitions to trip, only without LSD or any other psycho-active substances. Thus for us experiencing an artwork meant to be acknowledged to the new ways how to organise and experience the world as a superstructure of various possibilities. This is how drugs work, right? I guess it also has something to do with the idea that exhibition is a subjective imaginary space which consists out of different entries via n amount of individual artworks rather than a sum of linear experiences. 
Thus you enter this exhibition space via n individual ports and you do it at different times, typically once for an artwork. And at certain point to really understand this exhibition space you have to meet all those yourselves entering this exhibition space at different times. If it happens it all happens mostly in your head, as a meeting of all your sensual and motoric memories, however this experience may be called travelling in space and time. 
Having in mind that, we have to remind ourselves that scientific idea of teleportation is something very different from what we see in movies - it works more as a 3D printer or a copy machine than an elevator or a door bringing us from one place to another. Thus to really experience an exhibition you are forced to organise a meeting with all of you experiencing all the artworks in an exhibition, a bit like in “Being John Malkovich” movie. It’s more inspiring than scaring, though. However, it happens very seldom.

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