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Saturday, November 01, 2014

☼ In Marseille ☀

Last few days I was in Marseille for the opening of the Food show
at Mucem curated by Adelina Von Furstenberg,
with the assistance of Emilie Girard, Jean-Roch Bouiller, Edouard Laubrie 
Mucem just before the opening
The show has a beautiful catalogue published by Skira
I showed updated using imagery 
from the permanent Mucem collection
A piece by John Armleder
Nazi Milk by General Idea
I finally visited the architectural masterpiece Cité radieuse building by Le Corbusier

Le Modulor
The little pastry shop inside

The very impressive rooftop

At the other side of the rooftop a show of Daniel Buren which could have been better with less works in the outdoor part

A corridor inside
Marseille is very nice city with little gems around the Old Port and around


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