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Saturday, October 27, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Georgina Fasoulioti

Make-up artist Georgina Fasoulioti

- Tell me the story of your life in 140 chars;
Somewhere somewhat somehow ...

- Why do you live in Athens?
It is the ideal city, but I like it. It is unique. So man contrasts, sun, sea, beauty, ugliness, light, darkness, chaos, ancient buildings, ghosts, significance, absurdity, everything goes... scammers, people with morals, history .. Emotions, spirit, culture, subculture, decline .. When tired I leave and come back

- We are full of pseudo-reactionaries. How would you describe an original reaction nowadays?
Yes, something like "trend" and the trend of our recent times.  The real reactionary except that it has a different dynamic, does not need to prove himself to anyone.

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