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Saturday, October 27, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Anne Pajunen


Tell me your life story in 140ch?
 Born and raised in Helsinki Finland. Started twirling at 3 and dancing at 6. Big love affair with theatre. Moved to Brussels. Lovestory intensified, continues and the dance goes on.

What´s your key figure for what you do right now?
My key figure is passion.

What´s your dream project?
My dream project is a playful adventure in the midst of the greenest, densest jungle full of all the wonders of nature and the world. Breathtakingly exciting and scary at the same time! Full of elements! Earth, wind, fire, water, metal! It makes me climb up mountains and run up and down hills and on to beautiful fields full of flowers. It gives me sunburn and makes me soaked from rain. At moments it takes me into the depths of the magical forest and then leads me out again, through narrow, meandering roads so to discover the roaring power of the sea to which I can run straight into, jumping with my head first, lungs and heart pounding. Hard work, sweat, tears of joy and laughter, sorrow, still waters and calm lakes, fun, drama, rollercoasters, swirling planets, animalism, MOVEMENT, fantastic people, real companionship and love, sharing, hunger and being fed, contentment, silence, peace and energetic intensity!

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