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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The fund-raising campaign of the upcoming Eternal Internet Brotherhood


Athens 10/07/2012

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood is an initiative for a 5 day collaborative camp. It is a program of holidays featuring activities and events  that will take place between the 9th to the 15th of August 2012 on the greek island of Anafi. This aegean island is located on the south-east edge of the Cycladic cluster and can be reached only by boat.

This initiative will host artists, curators, writers and friends working on or dealing with the vast landscape of internet culture. This is an international group, coming from different parts of the world but collectively part of a compact online community who believe that the creative integration of the offline and online modes of well-being can spark a liberated intellectual evolution and reveal an all-union of disciplines. I invited people whose work expands notions of communication, distribution, dissemination, compression and simultaneity.

The participants will evaluate and activate ideas of deeper spiritual virtuality, explore and invent new visual codes and behavoural modes, using the island itself as an interface: a new consciousness of time and space. We aspire also to compare Internet social conventions to actual space, minimizing or maximizing the intervention of technology.

Participants are free to realize their projects in any medium: from a workshop to a lecture to a performance to an installation to a video to a website to an mp3, anywhere on the island: by the beach, by the bar, underwater, in the monastery.

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood will provide a “space” of total intellectual liberty and will act as a post-privacy outpost. We will escape from the visual provincialism of technology within which we now live in a meta-internet corporeal idyllic context.

Angelo Plessas, 2012

more info here

About This Campaign:

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood is an artist-run initiative. This means that we are doing this without the support of an institution or any state funding. This has to do with the specifics of the context [Greece in crisis as a microcosm or natural exemplar for the precarity of global hypercapitalism in liquid modernity] but also to do with a shared conviction that funding bodies carry their own agenda which often ends up curtailing artistic autonomy. Most of the artists taking part are not part of the object art economy, preferring to practice in more distributed ways: using our bodies or furnishing spaces or experimenting with new forms of image-making online. We build our community in the mould of Web 2.0; open source sharing, wikiesque knowledge distribution, an economy of affect; in this spirit, we seek assistance from our friends, peers and critics in helping us build an IRL model of the gift economy. 
The money is going towards food and accommodation for the artists while in Anafi. We are partially funding ourselves, as we see this as an important part of setting up an initiative - covering our own travel and a portion of our expenses. But to make it possible for this to work well, we need your help! Please donate generously for the good of post-internet generations to come. 

List of participants (list under construction)

Amalia Ulman
Amateurboyz (GR)
Andreas Angelidakis
Angelo Plessas
Billy Rennenkamp
Dora Maja DM (DE)
Georges Jacotey (GR)
Harry Burke
Jesse Darling (UK)
Katerina Kana (CY)
Miltos Manetas
Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest (Junk Jet magazine
) (TR/DE)
Paolo di Landro (IT)
Petros Moris (GR)
Pegy Zali
Priscilla Tea (IT)
Rafael Rozendaal (NL)
Rozsa Farkas (UK)
Travess Smalley (US)
Vincent Charlebois (CA)





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