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Thursday, July 12, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Mia Lundström

Anthropoligist and urban planner  Mia Lundström

Tell us the story of your life in 140 characters
Friends, love, nature, work, curiosity, change, having fun, running, writing, travel. Trying to find ways to bring together, evolve and expand all of the above.

Which would be your dream project? 
There is not one dream project. But several and I am working on them right now. Exploring and connecting urban planning, architecture, art, food, politics, social structures, people. Linking different worlds together to make a difference and having lots of fun doing it.

What was the most interesting thing you heard lately?
Actually, it was not what I heard. It was what I felt visiting Athens recently. What is going on in Greece right now affects all your senses.

Read in greek via Lifo

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