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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Neen Poetry by Nikola Tosic

Nikola Tosic is a fellow artist, writer and a poet. He lives between Belgrade and Cape Town, sometimes as a spoiled brat and sometimes as a disciplined triathlon athlete. I consider his writings are very Neen. Last week in Amsterdam he read his last poems. I publish some of them here which the 2 of them were written and improvised while we were chatting on Skype a day so I am just pasting from the chat history (btw bless you Skype!) His site

stanley kubrick

i used to own
and i forgot to renew it
how damn that is
but life goes on
i am still a huge kubrick fan
i have all of his
movies music books
atlhough i did not see
any of his movies
in last three years

raw materials

nose drops are made of noses
toilet paper is made of toilets
riding saddles are made of riders
tooth paste is made of teeth
bathroom doors are made of bathrooms
sport watches are made of sports


angelo asked me for
hundredth time if i have a webcam
and for hundredth time
i told him i dont have one


i am the most neen person that i have ever met
and using this standard i judge everyone else
of course everyone is inferior to me
when it comes to being neen
some would probably disagree to this
but no one is really sure what neen is
so i win

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