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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AngeloSays Carbage Can

Is there something familiar to you on this photo right above? These days I had this idea of bringing AngeloSays logo on Second Life as a garbage can. The piece is located on the front side of the under-construction house that Andreas is designing for us. It is not ready yet and I am still learning how to make sculptures like that but you can have an idea of how it looks or maybe come and empty your trash right there. By the way, a small correction : Blue Boy Bar is not a website (as it appeared on a previous LIFO issue) it is a "real" virtual gay-bar on Second-Life. It is easy to find me there too.


Anonymous said...

andreas and angelos this looks great!
i am looking forward to see the rest of the house, it must be exciting. Congrads!
By the way, Angelos it is a pitty you never told me before about the Blue Boy Bar mistake, as i have never previously been and i used it as a quote from an interview to describe best your activity, i described as a website as oposed a virtula guy bar. i am sorry, we could have corrected immediatelly, if i knew before. I am such a beggininer to all this reality, new for me ...allow me some mistakes and please let me know sooner than latter
have a great time in Amsterdam

Angelo Plessas said...

Thanks Marina. It is not a big mistake. But we should spread the word about this gay bar and then we all go together one night (night or day...time is not really an issue on virtual worlds, they are 24/7 open) You will love it. kisses xxxx