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Thursday, October 03, 2013

On the Silver Couch: Anastasios Logothetis

Anastasios Logothetis

Artist Anastasios Logothetis

I love giving unlimited freedom to the silver attendees and I want to understand the essence of your silver couch contribution. Can you explain?

A connection between the physicality of earth and the human came under scrutiny due to its overly feminized past. But here we are again. The human body as a means for sensualizing nature. Lets take mine for example. Look at its outline and imagine the silvery Greek sea and mountains in the background. Do what you want with it in your mind. It is, indeed, a distinct portrayal of vulnerability. A vulnerability that goes hand in hand with an increasingly open-source system of making art. Simultaneously however, we need, more than ever, to retain a sense of the singularity of personality (due to egotistical and market pressures amongst others). It is the times of the Dissolution of Self/Genius of Me. Hit Me.

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