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Thursday, May 02, 2013

On the Silver Couch: Joanne McNeil

Writer Joanne McNeil

Tell us your story of your life in 140 ch
Books, books, books.  boston ✈ prague ✈ dc ✈ <3 boston="" chicago="" nbsp="" span="">nyc. ✈✈✈ still books, books, books (but inside a kindle now)

What is the most interesting thing about our era now?
That everyone has access to internet/ digital technology —or at the very least awareness of it. It is no longer an elite subculture. It is culture.

How do you see the future of the internet?
I never got into things like LambdaMOO or Second Life and regret missing out. But I think there is a great longing still for the internet to offer make believe as much as representations of reality. It might start to happen in social network spaces as it already has been part of the gaming community

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